time period

time period
an amount of time (Freq. 4)

a time period of 30 years


hastened the period of time of his recovery


Picasso's blue period

Syn: ↑period of time, ↑period
trial period, ↑test period, ↑time frame, ↑hours, ↑downtime, ↑uptime, ↑work time, ↑time off, ↑bout, ↑hospitalization, ↑travel time, ↑times, ↑time, ↑elapsed time, ↑duration, ↑continuance, ↑week, ↑calendar week, ↑midweek, ↑field day, ↑life, ↑lifetime, ↑life-time, ↑lifespan, ↑millennium, ↑millenary, ↑bimillennium, ↑bimillenary, ↑occupation, ↑past, ↑shelf life, ↑puerperium, ↑lactation, ↑time of life, ↑calendar day, ↑civil day, ↑festival, ↑day, ↑daytime, ↑daylight, ↑morning, ↑morn, ↑morning time, ↑forenoon, ↑night, ↑nighttime, ↑dark, ↑eve, ↑evening, ↑hebdomad, ↑fortnight, ↑two weeks, ↑weekend, ↑Indian summer, ↑Saint Martin's summer, ↑year, ↑school, ↑schooltime, ↑school day, ↑twelvemonth, ↑yr, ↑semester, ↑bimester, ↑Olympiad, ↑lustrum, ↑decade, ↑decennary, ↑decennium, ↑century, ↑quadrennium, ↑quinquennium, ↑half-century, ↑quarter-century, ↑quarter, ↑phase of the moon, ↑calendar month, ↑month, ↑mid-January, ↑mid-February, ↑mid-March, ↑mid-April, ↑mid-May, ↑mid-June, ↑mid-July, ↑mid-August, ↑mid-September, ↑mid-October, ↑mid-November, ↑mid-December, ↑time limit, ↑term, ↑trimester, ↑hour, ↑silly season, ↑Golden Age, ↑silver age, ↑bronze age, ↑iron age, ↑great year, ↑Platonic year, ↑regulation time, ↑overtime, ↑extra time, ↑season, ↑time of year, ↑dog days, ↑canicule, ↑canicular days, ↑midwinter, ↑long time, ↑age, ↑years, ↑long run, ↑long haul, ↑drought, ↑drouth, ↑era, ↑epoch, ↑generation, ↑prehistory, ↑prehistoric culture, ↑reign, ↑run, ↑youth, ↑early days, ↑dawn, ↑sleep, ↑nap, ↑lease, ↑term of a contract, ↑half life, ↑half-life, ↑tide, ↑lunar time period, ↑phase, ↑stage, ↑multistage, ↑watch, ↑peacetime, ↑wartime, ↑enlistment, ↑hitch, ↑term of enlistment, ↑tour of duty, ↑duty tour, ↑tour, ↑honeymoon, ↑indiction, ↑prohibition, ↑prohibition era, ↑incubation period, ↑rainy day, ↑novitiate, ↑noviciate, ↑flower, ↑prime, ↑peak, ↑heyday, ↑bloom, ↑blossom, ↑efflorescence, ↑flush, ↑running time, ↑clotting time, ↑air alert, ↑question time, ↑real time, ↑study hall, ↑usance, ↑window
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